Disability Insurance

Lloyd’s DI

Individual disability insurance for professionals with exceptional risk factors including high limit needs, medical impairments, challenging financial underwriting, foreign travel, residency or citizenship or risks requiring bespoke contractual terms.

Lloyd’s GSI DI

Guaranteed standard issue disability insurance for multi-life professional groups.

Secure DI

Disability income replacement insurance for individuals declined elsewhere due to medical or lifestyle history.

Transition LTD

Disability income replacement insurance for outplaced white collar individuals beyond the Statutory Notice Period.

Pilot Loss of Licence

Disability insurance to protect corporate and commercial pilots from temporary or permanent loss of medical certification to fly.

Life, Personal Accident, and Contingency Insurance

Acceptional Life

Fully underwritten life insurance for individuals with substantial coverage needs who have been declined elsewhere due to medical or lifestyle history. Face amounts of $300,000 up to $10,000,000.

Personal Accident (AD&D)

Specialty accident insurance for individuals and groups.

Contingent Contract Protection

Contingency insurance for businesses to protect contractual financial obligations such as buy-sell funding or loan collateral for lenders triggered by the death, disappearance or permanent coma of the life insured.

Other Special Risk Insurance

Kidnap & Ransom

Special Contingency kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance for corporations, individuals and families.